Sydney Solis, Storyteller and Yoga Teacher

Since 2003 The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC located in Boulder, Colorado features and publishes the work of Sydney Solis.

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Mythic Yoga transforms the lives of teens and adults through yoga and mythology. Use dream work, the body, the arts and storytelling to discover your personal myth and utilize it to point you beyond it for self-realization and freedom.

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Sydney grew up in Boulder, Colorado and after widowhood in 2003 founded the Mythic Yoga Studio. Five years ago she followed the mythic call to live with her two children in Buenos Aires and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands for a personal healing Mythic Journey returning to live in DeLand, Florida.

"My interest in working with you stems from your broad exposure to various schools of wisdom -- your ability to connect Yoga with Jungian psychology, comparative mythology with the stresses of modern daily life.  Your deep integration of mind, spirit, and body separates you from other instructors who may only address body and spirit in their practice.  It's this integration of the intellect that distinguishes you. 

I also appreciate the work you're doing with young children, introducing the movement and breath of yoga to these small beings.  Regardless of their ability to grasp the deeper layers of Yoga, such practice introduces important aspects of self-respect and self-reliance at a tender age -- developing their ability to focus inwardly in the midst of a western culture that does not nurture such reverence for self. "
-- Bill A., Golden, CO


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