Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poetry in Motion - Yoga, Myth and the Body


Mythic Yoga: Myth Poetry Personal Mythology Sydney Solis
Wisdom, digital photograph of original silver gelatin print
photo collage by Sydney Solis. Part of the Personal
 Mythology Series. 
“I am the poet of the body. And I am the poet of the soul.” - Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Our bodies are poetry in motion. Poet Sandra Cisneros writes that a dream is a poem of the body. Mythologist Joseph Campbell says that the organs of the body are what emit energies in conflict with each other as images arise to the surface in our dreams and visions. 

What happens when we listen deeply to what songs, sounds, images and invisible words our body is saying to us?

That's part of the Mythic Yoga journey undertaken at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver this January 14, 2017 as part of a new beginning series that I will be teaching there. I'm excited to bring yoga and movement to literature workshops and share the intuitive, sensing and feeling functions that have been overlooked in favor of the intellect - true yoga.

Using spoken word, yoga, dance and other movement, we will explore embodied storytelling in a disembodied age of internet, social media and virtual reality to bring us down to earth, reality and listen deeply enough to tell our Myth Poem of the Body.



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