Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mythic Yoga: The Queen of Bohemia Lives in St. Croix

Mythic Yoga

I kept a blog for five years while dealing with the difficulty of surviving my husband's suicide and raising my two young children.

Yoga and The Queen of Bohemia guiding myth, which is backed by Durga and Kali myths gave me the strength, courage and physical vitality of body and mind to move forward for healing and transformation.

The Queen of Bohemia Lives in St. Croix

A new cycle begins as I emerge from my egg and am reborn once again. Mythic Yoga to light and guide. OM SHANTI.

Find your own guiding myth. What is it? Here are a few websites to inspire you.

Timeless Myths
Hindu Myths
The Joseph Campbell Foundation

Upcoming Mythic Yoga classes on Powhow at the Mythic Yoga Studio. Follow me for latest updates!

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