Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life and Death

Mi Chica, Palomita, y su perro, Sergeant Pepe. RIP, 2006-2013.
Forgive me. But I must express my grief. Isn''t that the real source of why we seek the comfort of myths? Isn't that the real reason we wonder beyond the grave? We should be so proud of our neo-lithic ancestors. For that moment when a little dog named Sergeant Pepe, a little black-and-white dog that meant so much to you and your little children is mauled to death by wild dogs on  St. Croix, USVI, mauled to death by dogs who are just as lost, hungry for the truth and sorrowful by abuse by the system that we are forced to find the truth. We cry out in grief. We cry for myth. We cry for healing.

Here is my blog about his death.  May we all find ways to grieve. May we all find ways to heal. May we all find meaning in betrayal, loss and love. May we all find sanctuary in yoga and stories. For they propel us to our Little Piece of Paradise. That transcendental real estate within. 

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