Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mythic Yoga: Dreamwork - Telling the Dream Story of the Body

Mythic Yoga: Dream Work - Telling the Dream Story of the Body Online Classes start August 21
Mythic Yoga: Dream Work 
Dream work is one of the most powerful yogas. Self-knowledge is revealed when we listen to our dreams, connect with the symbols that bubble up out of the depths and listen to the stories they are revealing.

I have been involved with dream work my whole life, and taught it as part of the Mythic Yoga and Storytime Yoga® Kids Yoga Teacher Training, as teachers must know their own story first and experience transformation before teaching kids. And when we merge the body with the image, profound insight, awareness and healing arise. Just as Vishnu dreams the world into creation, we too awaken every morning and open our eyes and bloom the world into creation. We enter the field of time and space, dreamed by a single dreamer in which we all dream too! Mythic Yoga: Dreamwork - Telling the Dream Story of the Body online classes start Wednesdays August 21 at 8 pm EST on

We use the body as a vehicle to work with the dreams, exploring the meaning and messages through movement, yoga, meditation, myths and storytelling. JOIN US! Register at the Mythic Yoga Studio on! 

Mythic Yoga: The Story in the Body - Body Memoirs online class also starts August 24!

Here are some of my favorite books on Dream Work

• An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper - I don't believe in Dream books, as dream symbols are personal. Yet this book offers a glimpse into universal symbols and is fascinating reading.

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