Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mythic Yoga: Vishnu's Dream - Ancient Hindu Myths and Personal Story available on Kindle!

Mythic Yoga: Vishnu's Dream -
Ancient Hindu Myths and Personal Story
 by Sydney Solis
available on Kindle
Learn about Mythology and Yoga
and how it relates to your personal story

by Sydney Solis

I first performed Mythic Yoga: Vishnu's Dream - Ancient Hindu Myths and Personal Story at the 2005 Boulder Public Library’s Winter Festival of Stories, recounting ancient Hindu myths and interweaving them with my personal life story. It is now available on Kindle as an ebook!

These myths, such as Vishnu’s Dream, The Fabric of Life, Durga and Kali, The Birth of Krishna and more inspire you to begin your own mythic journey and connect with the ancient symbols and metaphors. These point us to our depths to become aware of a personal myth and connection with all the universe. It leads to the ultimate boon: to appreciate your life with awe and recognize that you are one with the divine. That's the power of Mythic Yoga! 

The myths guided me to recount funny childhood stories of my Hare Krishna sister in Boulder, Colorado in the 1970s and my first encounter with yoga and the myths. They also helped me deal with to the tragedy of my husband’s suicide in 2003. It is a journey to ultimate healing using yoga and story. 

You too can find a healing journey with yoga and story by using ancient myth and telling your own story with this ebook. Vedic ayurvedic storytelling even says enlightenment comes from hearing the stories!

Mythic Yoga: Vishnu’s Dream has been used in the Mythic Yoga Studio’s e-course Mythic Yoga: the Story in the Body that is required training for Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher Certification. Get inspired to discover your own story in the body using myth, yoga and image. Classes start  Use it to go fishing in your depths and see your life as the dream of narrative for transformation and point you toward ultimate Self-realization and freedom. 

Namaste and Have a Magical Day!

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 Receive Mythic Yoga: Vishnu's Dream FREE when you become a member of the League of Yogic Storytellers. Receive premium content, audios and more. 

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• The Power of Myth - The classic Bill Moyers and PBS interviews with Joseph Campbell. As fate would have it, the audio and video team that filmed the series are my next-door neighbors and landlords!

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