Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mythic Yoga for Teens: The Hero With Your Own Face at DeBary, Florida Public Library July 9

The Mythic Yoga Studio - Sydney Solis original Collage The Goddess and The Moonflowers Copyright 1990
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Superheroes are all the rage. They have incredible powers within them that battle evil and restore justice. Movies galore spin dozens of tales of everyone from Spiderman to Wonder Woman. So many I can't even keep track! What we can keep track of is the Hero within ourselves, and recognize that the powers Superheroes emit are really those within our own self.
Join me, Sydney Solis, at the DeBary, Florida Public Library this Thursday July 9 from 3-4 pm for some Mythic Yoga for Teens. We will be exploring Joseph Campbell's pioneering work The Hero With a Thousand Faces, as well as looking at modern Superhero mythology as well as classic mythology.  Through yoga, meditation, storytelling  and creative writing, we will discover how we are like them all and how to put those newly discovered powers into action in our own lives.

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