Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mythic Yoga: The Personal Mythology Series at Studio Solis

Mythic Yoga: The Personal Mythology Series by Sydney Solis - Foto Arte Copyright 1988 Sydney Solis
Mythic Yoga: The Personal Mythology Series
By Sydney Solis at Studio Solis, DeLand, Florida
Copyright 1988 All Rights Reserved
Mythic Yoga cultivates the unknown within oneself to be known. From darkness to light, from untruth to truth. Art, poetry and other expressive creative efforts dig deep into the unconscious and bring forth self-knowledge.

The body holds a lot of this knowledge, so part of Mythic Yoga practice is to express the myths and the symbology that resonate in the body after yoga, dance or other contemplative movement into a physical container, such as art or poetry, to be expressed as personal mythology. Know Thy Self, The Oracle of Delphi implored. So we do.

For decades I have been doing the Mythic Yoga Personal Mythology Series of art and yoga. I will be having an art opening and poetry reading at Studio Solis in DeLand, Florida this fall. If you can't join us live, look for it on The Mythic Yoga Studio on Powhow.

Get inspired to write the Myth Poem of the Body with Mythic Yoga: Story Poetica
And check out some more Mythic Yoga Personal Mythology Series art right here at Studio Solis

I'm so very grateful to get to live the life I have always dreamed.  To live as an artist, mother, teacher. Life is so very beautiful. Thanks to the Great Mother. I was able to follow my bliss.


Sydney Solis

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